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Armstrong Fuselage TC 70

The TC70 is our most popular fuselage for rookies and intermediate riders because it is smooth and forgiving.

Prix 530,96 CHF

Armstrong Titanium washer...

Prix 40,05 CHF

Armstrong Extra Large Kit...

Armstrong Extra Large Kit Carry bag (HA1125-1525)

Prix 90,23 CHF

Armstrong Titanium washer...

Armstrong  Titanium washer and footstrap screw set (2pcs)

Prix 40,05 CHF

Armstrong V2 Mast 85cm A+...

intermediate to advanced all foil sports. Includes Mast cover and Titanium Bi Directional washers and T Nuts set.

Prix 952,52 CHF

Armstrong V2 Mast 72cm A+...

Armstrong V2 Mast 72cm (28.5”) Plate Ideal all-round length for all foil sports. Includes Mast cover and Titanium Bi...

Prix 902,34 CHF

Armstrong V2 Mast 60cm A+...

60cm/23.5" Shallow water and reef foiling where hitting the bottom might be an issue. Also a good choice for easy learning...

Prix 852,15 CHF

Armstrong Wing set HS 850/232

Prix 652,41 CHF

Armstrong Wing set HS 625/232

Prix 622,30 CHF

Armstrong Wing set CF 800/300

Prix 572,12 CHF