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Bataleon Evil Twin + 2024

The most iconic Bataleon board elevated to the next level.

Prix 731,71 CHF

Bataleon Evil Twin 2024

The Evil Twin has been at the heart of the 3D revolution since day one.

Prix 631,34 CHF

Bataleon Goliath + 2024

The latest version of everyone’s favorite Directional Twin get the plus treatment.

Prix 741,74 CHF

Bataleon Goliath 2024

The Goliath is the board that started the 3D revolution.

Prix 681,52 CHF

Bataleon 20Y (Goliath) 2024

This special anniversary edition of the Goliath celebrates 20 years of Bataleon.

Prix 681,52 CHF

Bataleon Surfer 2024

The Surfer has been turning heads since its launch and continues to set the bar for progressive 3D shapes.

Prix 942,49 CHF

Bataleon Cruiser + 2024

The Cruiser has proved to be an instant Bataleon classic.

Prix 661,45 CHF

Bataleon Carver 2024

We designed a directional carving board that offers lightning fast edge response that is also fun to ride in everyday...

Prix 631,34 CHF

Bataleon Whatever 2024

The Whatever outline shape is one of the most directional in this category, but make no mistake, the contact surface is...

Prix 571,11 CHF

Bataleon Cruiser 2024

The Cruiser was introduced last season and has already proven itself as an instant classic.

Prix 530,96 CHF